Observing the Fantastic Beasts of Maluku

Full disclosure: Animal History is not my area of expertise and I do not intend to turn my current research in that direction. Perhaps, this may inform a future project. That being said, I was recently browsing the pages of the Treatise on the Moluccas, a mid-16th century Portuguese administrator/sailor’s description of present-day North Maluku... Continue Reading →

Learning to Read 17th Century Dutch

This past summer, I participated in a month-long series of courses and workshops based at Columbia University as well as various museums and archives across the Netherlands. The primary purpose of this program was for me to learn seventeenth century Dutch vocabulary and paleography (historical handwriting) and to familiarize myself with resources in the Netherlands.... Continue Reading →

The Purpose of this Blog

Welcome to my first blog post! I have been wanting to begin an academic blog for quite some time and I now finally found some time to begin this “exercise”. I wanted to initiate this blog by simply stating what I think its purpose is. To put it briefly, this website’s purpose is to describe... Continue Reading →

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