The Purpose of this Blog

Welcome to my first blog post! I have been wanting to begin an academic blog for quite some time and I now finally found some time to begin this “exercise”. I wanted to initiate this blog by simply stating what I think its purpose is.

To put it briefly, this website’s purpose is to describe my research experiences, express my thoughts on scholarship or popular culture, and share some incredibly useful resources. My research focuses on Southeast Asia, religion, and the Indian Ocean World in the Early Modern Period. As such, this website’s activity will largely focus on those topics. This may, however, evolve over time. 

As I’m sure with other students, I am constantly discovering new resources, many of which I wish I had been aware of years before. I have created a resources page where I provide links to many of those online resources that I most often use. I hope that scholars, whether they are new students or further along in their academic careers, find these links useful.

Perhaps more importantly, I want to contribute to discussions of history in popular discourse and education. Many of the links in my resources page and the subjects of my blog posts are included with students or educators in mind. Some of these links and subjects will already be familiar to scholars and students in similar fields. In which case, feel free to comment on those items (or tear them apart).

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. More posts to follow soon and I hope that you enjoy what you find.

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